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We're excited to present a new masterclass in harmony, melody, rhythm, and form: the fundamentals of the art of improvisation on the guitar. Scott Sawyer has been genre-bending in jazz and beyond with his masterful approach to improv for years. Now get an insiders' look into the concepts, ideas, and approaches that Scott uses to spontaneously create musical ideas on the fly.

This course is for the intermediate to advanced player who wants to:

  • Understand music theory in an organic and musical way that supports making, performing, writing and arranging music
  • Strengthen your ears- hear what you play, and play what you hear
  • Expand your harmonic palette and become a better accompanist
  • Create melodic ideas inside and outside of chord changes
  • Discover new concepts that break out of repetitive practice routines

Fundamentals Of Advanced Improv by Scott Sawyer

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