Why are there two letters in the chord name? What are Slash chords?

Why are there two different letters in the chord name? What are slash chords?

The first letter stands for the chord that needs to be played. The second letter stands for the bass note or the lowest note that should be played instead of the root of the chord.
For instance, in the "C" chord, the lowest note played would be "C." In an "C/G" chord, all of the notes of the C chord would ring but you would also play the low G on the sixth string (third fret). 
In the lingo, musicians would call C/G, "C over G." Meaning the C chord will literally be ringing over an G bass note. Here's a diagram of a C/G:
Just in case you're unsure, the bottom part of your third finger can mute the fifth string.
What are some common songs with slash chords?
This list could get long... I'm going to add more songs at the end of the...
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