Why do people have a hard time learning music theory?

Why do people have a hard time learning music theory?

Music theory is like chess: it doesn't take long to learn the rules and get started, but its a deep well that you can explore and learn about for a lifetime. Unfortunately, most people who approach music theory get tossed into the deep end before they're ready. Here, we plan to offer a three step approach to not only get started learning theory but retaining what you've learned so that you can use it in song writing, improvisation, or as an aid in performing music.   
To be clear, only a few of the concepts of music theory are going to be explained in this article. Think of this article as guide to how you can approach a book, or even a teacher, to obtain a working knowledge of music theory.
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What concepts do I need to know about music theory?
This depends on the type of music that you're interested in writing but there are some...
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