How would a pro guitarist design their own home studio?

guitar studio May 05, 2022

Steve Newbrough and Daniel Seriff


How would a pro guitarist design their own home studio?

Daniel Seriff has recently converted a building on his property to be an amazing studio for all of his professional production needs.

1) Make sure the natural/bad reverb and echo of the room is decreased or cancelled out by using fiberglass acoustic panelling. Tall purpose built curtains can be used to mitigate room noise as well. Remember to treat the ceiling as well since this is the first point of reflection.

2) Find a way to bring natural light into the studio. Spending hours upon hours in a room without natural light can be emotionally draining.

3) Purchase the furniture that will support your equipment and your comfort. For instance, a desk that will hold all of your rack gear, computers, and monitors while leaving extra space for your ipad or notebook. Also, purchase a chair that that is comfortable enough to use for hours.


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