How Can I Increase My Income as a Professional Musician?

How Can I Increase My Income as a Professional Musician?

Charles Carpenter and Steve Newbrough


1) Strengthen your music skills.

2) Launch your music business. 

3) Teach music lessons.

4) Seek out opportunities to make passive income.

5) Utilize Patreon.

6) Develop your own unique brand.

7) Stick with it! 


Earning a living as a musician isn’t as impossible as many people make it out to be. The reason it’s so hard for musicians to make good money is that many rely on a single revenue stream, whether it’s playing live gigs, selling albums, or releasing music on popular streaming platforms. Putting all your eggs in one basket severely limits your earning potential—and leaves you vulnerable to major unexpected events like a global pandemic. If you want to make more money, diversification is essential!

Try to treat your musical career like a business rather than a side gig. Look for ways to build multiple streams of income and balance...

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