Why should I learn to play the blues?

Why should I learn to play the blues?

Casey Saulpaugh and Steve Newbrough


The blues have set roots in many genres, making it a staple for learning and playing guitar, especially for modern players. The blues idiom is classic, timeless, yet still modern and relevant to a high degree. 


Every person can relate to the blues: everyone has had days where they felt down, yet optimistic that times of hope and joy are around the corner.  It is the expressive opportunity, the possibilities for sharing your voice that makes the blues appealing for guitar players worldwide. 


The blues has been a significant force in music, especially in the 20th century. 


Its music has branched into jazz, pop, soul, folk, country, funk, and so many other genres.  It holds simple truths, with deep emotions, and still gets those feet tappin’.  Luckily for guitar players, the instrument lends itself greatly for conveying the blues spirit....

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