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Fast and clear video definitions for excited musicians.

Welcome to the Video Guitar Glossary. The info you're looking for, in two minutes or less. 



Knowledgeable Teachers

Our instructors are some of the best in the world and have been teaching all levels of guitar for decades. 


Our videos are all shorter than two minutes so you can get straight to the point with the answer to your question. 


Always Expanding

We are committed to consistently growing this database of terms for the curious guitarists worldwide.

How To Use Our Site

Watch this video in order to see a quick "how to" on how to use our website.


How to use Video Guitar Glossary

Click on any glossary link here on the first page. An alphabetical block listing will appear. Choose the letter corresponding with the word you’re searching for. Scroll to find the guitar and/or music related word!

What if I don’t see the definition that I need? If you don’t see the word that you’re looking for please click here to contact us. Share the word or words that you need defined. We’ll try to get back to you, and we’ll do our best to add it to the page as soon as possible.

What if I see an error or something that needs to be fixed in the Video Guitar Glossary? Please let us know! While we’ve spent hundreds of hours creating this resource we know we have a lot more to do to provide the best possible resource to the guitar community


As a visually impaired guitar player, I can tell you that a lot of instructional  videos are completely inaccessible. You guys have done a great job of chords, a way that is accessible .Not only that, but I use  screen reading software with my device ,voiceover on Apple devices, and not all websites are designed to be  accessible using that software.I want to thank you and whoever your web designer is for building a site that is accessible to me via that software. Just a note of appreciation for this tool.I 've put it on my home screen since Iknow I'll be back again and again.


Jeremy s.

An accessible learning platform

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